John Hubler Jr.

Height – 6’4″
Weight – 185 lbs
Date of Birth – April 5th, 1996
Place of Birth – Indianapolis, Indiana

John completed his Junior at Whiteland High School in Whiteland Indiana. He is an above average student and will graduate in 2014.
John is the fifth child of seven and when not in school, he and his family reside in South Florida.
They attend church at the Community Presbyterian Church in Lauderdale By The Sea.
John enjoys fishing, watching automobile racing and playing basketball.

home_sport_sportstarBasketball Career

John started playing basketball at the Indy South Sports Academy “ISSA” in 1st grade He was tutored by coaches Alan Mathena and Derrick Ritsmon. John continued to work with those two coaches until he was in the 6th grade. At that point he began to play for Clark-Pleasant Middle School.

His coaches were:
6th Grade – Ryan Peppers
7th Grade – Todd Croy
8th Grade – Kyle Gant
9th Grade – Ed Tischner

In 10th Grade John began to play for the Whiteland High School Team. Early on he was coached by David Inabnit and Brandon Sorrells. Now in the 11th grade he is being Coached by Matt Waddsworth.

For the last 2 years, While Summering in Florida, John has also played for the South Florida Celtics under the tutelage of Coach Lamar Twitty. John has trained under coach Twitty for a total of 3 years now.

For the last 4 years, while in Indiana, John has played for Indiana Spiece with Coach Nate Willis.

In order to sharpen his skills as much as possible John has also trained with Shon Boulden for the last 9 years