Shon Boulden

Trained with NBA Players.– I’ve helped John in some of his early workouts: John is an excellent shooter. Has good height. He’s solid in his playing skills. He’s a “spot” shooter. Takes one or two dribbles and fires away. Confidence is high. When it he puts it on the ground, he knows what he’s doing. John is a team player and passes well to teammates. Will only get better as he gets older.

Dave Inabinit

Coached John Jr. in JV Basketball and some Varsity last year.John is a multi-talented player. Has good skills and a good sense of basketball basics. Shoots well from the inside as well as out. Defense is good. His footwork is good, but, as of last year, needed to speed up a bit more. Probably will achieve a better speed level this summer and in his senior year at Whiteland. John loves to play and will be the “go-to-guy” in his final high school year. He will be a “prime” player in his senior year.

Derrick Ritsman

John Hubler is a highly competitive and hard worker. He is definitely on his way to a higher level in basketball. He shows in practice and games his love for the sport, and it seems to come very easy for him. It doesn’t seem to be work for him. I would say that he is a very professional young man.

Dale Warner

I was John’s 8th Grade Teacher. John is a high character individual who never gave us any challenges. He was as good on defense as offense. He has excellent range including the 3-point shot. I have seen him play recently and is much more aggressive on the court than before. He handles the ball well and comes inside with strength.

Greg Sandlin

Coach of Junior League – JV Player. Assistant Coach..John plays with a lot of confidence. I have seen him score 40 points in a game. He defends well. His last few years have been outstanding and he should definitely try for a college team. I would consider him to be an outstanding player.

Todd Cory

Former Coach. I feel that John’s best days are still ahead of him. He has one more year of high school basketball which should show even more progress. For a tall player, he has a good shot from outside. He has a soft touch, and handles the ball well. He is very flexible on the court and can take the ball inside very well.

Alan Mathena

Coach – 3 – 6th year. .John has always been a good shooter – inside as well as out. In spite of his size, he handles the ball well. He has just finished his Junior Year in high school. He has probably the greatest potential ahead of him in the coming Senior Year and beyond. I look for his potential to really come of age in the coming years.

Matt Wadsworth

John is a very nice player. He knows how to guard and shoot. His interior game is coming on strong. He can catch and shoot quickly, but he is definitely a team player – a spirited player. He shows he has good work ethics and it is beginning to pay off. His game is coming along fine.

Brandon Sorrells

High School Freshman/Sophomore Coach. .John is a 6 ft 4 inch Combo Player. He has a very good 3-shot along with the ability to take the ball inside. His perimeter game is solid. He is an intelligent player. He knows his away around the floor and he shows it. He can pass and shoot quickly if necessary, but he is always looking for a team mate to engage.